Wednesday, October 10, 2018
By Bob Cross
Things to do: Andelin Family Farms

Looking for a fun and uniquely local haunted attraction? Then look no further! The Corn Creepers Haunted Attraction is the perfect Halloween attraction to get your spook on! Wander through the towering stalks of corn and get ready for a fright! Glow sticks are even available to be worn by visitors who are looking for a slightly less scary experience!

Don’t like being scared, but still want to have a fun night activity? The Corn maze is open until 10 p.m., allowing visitors to have fun trying to figure out their way through the maze with the added obstacle of it being dark out! As a return visitor of the corn maze myself, I can highly recommend!

Just looking for a fun thrill? Then get ready for Zombie Paintball! Run through the corn field and help protect our fine area from an invasion of Zombies!

For the younger kids, there are several bounce houses, a petting zoo, and plenty of pumpkins to choose from!

Even better, all of this is available at our very own Andelin Family Farms! Make sure you stop by for the spooky season!