Monday, January 8, 2018
By Bob Cross
A Ted Talk

This year’s lineup includes 21 speakers: 3 performers, 8 local speakers and 10 other speakers from around the country. You’ll hear from entrepreneurs, journalists, techies, authors, therapists, artists, and more in an exciting environment filled with people who want to learn and experience something new. Some speakers include:

  • John Brenkus, Creator, Executive Producer and Host of “Sport Science”
  • Robin Brockelsby, Reno-local and serial-entrepreneur whose new venture stems from a personal journey to seek her true self
  • Cara Brookins, who built her own home with her kids after watching YouTube videos
  • Steven Ing, another Reno local who is a therapist focusing on intelligent management of human sexuality
  • Jim James, lead singer of My Morning Jacket


Learn more about this events and how to get tickets here: